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Avtek Runner Bars
Optimum alloy flow. Cast with confidence.

Product Overview:

Avtek™ SuperSpru™ Runner Bars have a specially designed solid center, which acts as a reservoir to promote unrestricted metal flow from the button to the distribution bar.

This design eliminates shrink porosity, producing dense, porous free castings. Manufactured of a high strength, extra rigid wax formula, SuperSpru™ Runner Bars have no memory, preventing bridges from warping and bending during

Key Benefits:

  • Solid center promotes unrestricted metal flow.
  • Ensures dense, accurate castings. Ash free burnout.
  • High strength was prevents warpage and breakage.

Technical Information:

  • 4.6 mm dia. (3/16" or 6gauge).
  • Distribution bar 4.5 cm long.