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Avtek Circular Sprues
Predictable results and superior quality castings.

Product Overview :

Offering a large number of precision castings in one shot, the Avtek Circular Spru has a special flow dynamic design, which allows quick and smooth alloy flow to the patterns with no turbulence.

Already adopted by some of the nations leading labs, the results are predictability and productivity, while castings are denser with sharper margins for a perfect patient fit.

Key Benefits Produces precision castings:
  • Produces a large number of precision castings in one shot.
  • Proven flow dynamic design.
  • Strong, durable wax eliminates breakage.
  • Increases productivity and quality of castings.

Technical Data:

  • Small 6 gauge, 1 1/16 diameter
  • Large 6 gauge, 1 9/16 diameter