About Avtek, Inc

Who we are
Avtek is a provider to dental laboratories with the highest quality products in Casting and Wax Spruing technology. Avtek is your premium resource for top quality products and service you know you can depend on. You can cast with Confidence with Avtek.

What differentiates us
Our dental solutions are designed to save time, material, and money while increasing operating efficiencies to lab owners and their technicians.

Products Avtek Inc, offers:

Premium Quartz Crucibles
  • Hooded Crucibles
  • Slotted Crucibles

● Casting Solutions:
  • Super Sprues
  • Wax Buttons
  • Ringless Casting System

● Lab Dental Waxes
  • Coping/Dipping Wax
  • Margin Wax
  • Modeling Wax
  • Pressable Wax
  • Sculpturing Wax
  • Blockout Wax
  • Sticky Wax