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Super Spru Wax Buttons
The first step in engineering a porosity-free direct spruing system.

Product Overview :

Wax Buttons plug into sprue base formers to facilitate accurate and correct direct sprue architecture for the casting of single unit patterns. The Sprue Button acts as a "funnel" to guide the molten alloy from the crucible into the pattern void resulting in dense castings.

After casting, the smooth finish provides a clean cast button for re-melting. While most competitive spruing buttons on the market are oversized resulting in alloy waste, Super Spru Buttons are shaped optimally to save alloy and reduce cost.

Key Benefits Produces precision castings:

  • Quickly plugs into sprue base former.
  • Replaces messy utility wax, keeping sprue former clean
  • Creates a funnel for smooth alloy flow.
  • Smooth flow dynamic dome shape.
  • Optimally designed to reduce alloy waste.

Product Description:

Item#5019: Wax Sprue Buttons