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Super Ring Ringless Casting System
The ultimate solution for precision casting of dental alloys.

Product Overview :

Precision molded to permit equal expansion in all directions, Super Rings allow gases to escape during burnout, producing superior quality castings with perfect fit and accurate margins.

Eliminates ring liners and dig out procedures entirely.

For maximum casting versatility, the system is available in four size rounds and two size oval rings.

Key Benefits:

  • Produces precision castings.
  • Equal expansion in all directions.
  • Eliminates ring liners and dig out procedures.
  • Easy divesting.
  • Tapered for easy mold removal.
  • Durable, reusable and economical.

Product Description:

Item# Product Name
5001 Super Ring, Size F, Oval, 120 g (6/pk)
5002 Base Formers, Size F, (6/pk)
5003 Super Ring, Size E, Oval, 90 g (6/pk)
5004 Base Formers, Size E, (6/pk)
5005 Super Ring, Size B, Round, 120 g (6/pk)
5006 Base Formers, Size B, (6/pk)
5007 Super Ring, Size A, Round, 90 g (6/pk)
5008 Base Formers, Size A, (6/pk)
6003 Super Ring, Size C, Round, 300 g (3/pk)
6004 Base Formers, Size C, (3/pk)
Super Ring, Size D, Round, 450 g (3/pk)
6006 Base Formers, Size D, (3/pk)

*Super Rings and Base Formers are purchased separately.

Avtek Ringless Casting Technique Datasheet