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Coping Wax
A pure ash free wax formula for precise dipped copings.

Technical Application:

Used for the precise and consistent fabrication of uniform wax copings
with sealed margins, true to the surface details of the die. Also used as
a base coat for inlay and onlay patterns.

Working Properties:

The purity of Private Blend ash free Coping Wax offers excellent carving
properties and exhibits the perfect balance of elastic feel, memory
resilience and dimensional integrity. Create smooth, uniform dipped
copings as thin as 0.2mm with clean burnout and minimum shrinkage.

Offers light pressure marginal carving without flash.

Ash free melting temperature is 162-165ºF.

Key Benefits:

  • Ash free wax formula.
  • Create uniform patterns with homogeneous layer thicknesses.
  • Carves easily around the margin with light pressure.
  • Dip, seal the margin, and trim in just 3 minutes.

Product Description:

  • Item# 5092: Coping Wax, Yellow, 10 oz
  • Item# 5093: Coping Wax, Green, 10 oz